Whatsapp Without Address Book

Send Whatsapp messages without adding contacts to your Addressbok

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App Features

This app allows you to whatsapp without adding contacts to your addressbook/contacts. Multiple numbers can be whatsapped via the multiple tab. Numbers should be seperated by a comma.

Single Contact

enter a mobile number and click Whatsapp button to start a whatsapp conversation

Multiple Contacts

enter multiple mobile numbers and then select each number from a dropdown select menu to start a conversation

ISD number format

Format a number in the ISD format with the click of a button to copy it to clipboard.

Addressbook not Required

Directly whatsapp from this app without the addressbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

The app is available for both android and ios and below are the Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I get an error on my whatsapp app?

    Please verify your number, and check if it's in ISD number format. For example, numbers starting with 0-12345-12345 won't work because 0 is not an ISD Code. A correct format would be +1-12345-12345 for the whatsapp app to identify the actual number.

  • Please click on the ISD format button on the bottom, and on the modal, please enter your number and select the ISD code from the Select menu. Once you do that, you can click on close button, and the new formatted number would be copied to the cliboard that you can use for sending your whatsapp message.

  • Please add your numbers in the multiple textarea, separated by a comma, and then select each number from the select menu below, and click on whatsapp button to start your whatsapp conersation.

  • The ISD format replaces 0-91234-12345 number format, and also replaces "(" , ")" and "-". After selecting the ISD Code, the number is automatically formatted as +19123412345 considering the ISD code was +1.

  • Currently only iOS and Android apps are supported.


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